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22 февраля 2019, Пятница
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Доска объявлений

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South America

Earth is very large and diverse, it consists of a vast oceans and continents, mountains and valleys, plains and desert places. On Earth, there is a huge number of people living in separate states. To obtain the necessary information about the structure of the Earth, you need an atlas, which tells in detail about everything that interests you. There is a huge variety of maps that display specific information. On the map you can see the names of the continents, oceans, seas, rivers, mountains, lakes, and other objects. In addition to the geographical map displayed relief, which gives an idea of the type of terrain in certain areas of the map. The political map shows the borders and major cities. For motorists needed road atlas, which allows you to select the optimal route. In this case, selecting large atlases, such as Road atlas of America, you can see only line, but on a more detailed maps can even be applied to rural roads. In addition, there are climatic maps showing average temperatures, rainfall and other climatic characteristics of the regions. Cards very much, so to find a card with the necessary information to visit the site better "Americatlas", which is available on the pages of a huge number of different cards.

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